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“What you've done is nothing short of amazing. I'd like to buy this home! I also liked your arrangements and how you grouped items - interesting and warm and therefore appealing. You certainly have incredible talent.

Thank you."

Andy, Victoria

“This was a huge project and too overwhelming for me. I tried a few times and just gave up. Now, thanks to Stacey and Tracey, everything has its place. I feel much less anxiety.”

Cecilia, Victoria

“I have lived with my same furnishings, art and junk forever. Placing them in the right composition has made all the difference, not just in how my home looks but how it makes me feel when I walk in the door.  Your belongings are a reflection of who you are. My home has been totally transformed - now everything flows naturally and feels more sophisticated and spacious.” 

Lourdes, California 

“I never would have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes: Stacey has taken our small, cluttered space and transformed it into a gorgeous and peaceful home. It has practical beauty that was definitely missing before, tons more space and a new sense of harmony. We only wish we’d done this years ago!”

Angela and Darrel, Sidney

“Wow! I went home yesterday to what felt like a new home. The changes to my living and dining room area opened up so much space and yet it felt warm, inviting and modern. It will certainly impress my guests. The family room is now uncluttered and looks more up to date. I certainly am a supporter of using professionals to assist homeowners who want to have a ‘change over' in their home."

Earleen, Victoria

“Thanks ever so much for the wonderful transformation to my living/dining area. We love the new modern’ style it gives- as my teenage daughter said, “It’s so sexy!” We especially love the warmth and coziness we feel now. I've been bragging to everyone about your work."

Lillian and Thane, Sidney 

Stacey and Tracey are the hardest most efficient and expedient workers we have ever seen, and just sheer genius at what they can put together!! I never would have thought​ of any of the ideas these girls came up with, including using things we already had, but in a whole new light! We are feeling very blessed to have their talent written all over our home!

Melissa, Victoria

“I have been working exclusively with the staging team of Stacey Kaminski and Tracey Jones for the past 5 years. They are creative, imaginative and very professional;  able to envision the best look for the property that will result in that instant Buyer appeal that my Seller’s are looking for. I am confident that my listings sell for more money and faster because they are staged by this talented duo. Keep up the great work ladies!" Stephanie Peat, Realtor-DFH Real Estate
MLS Silver Award Winner 2013


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