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Interior Styles By Stacey
Creating the look you love to live in.

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The Team In Action!!

​Tracey Jones 

Tracey joins the team with redesign certification and interior design courses along with well-honed buying and business skills.  She aims to take uninspired rooms and make them sparkle with new life, thinking outside the box for new creative ideas and inserting the unexpected.

Stacey Kaminski

Stacey Kaminski is naturally gifted with an affinity for interior design, vast experience and a flair for transforming “unworkable” spaces into places of beauty, polish and style.
After graduating from Interior Design at BCIT, working many years as a florist and becoming a member of the CRDA (Canadian Re-Designers Association) as a Certified Re-design and Staging Specialist, Stacey created a company that has been blending creativity and skill with a love for people for 7 consecutive years.

Throughout these years, she has accomplished a series of accreditation and continuing education, becoming an Accredited Color Consultant and keeping up with all the latest trends in design.
Stacey truly enjoys collaborating with homeowners to create unique and inviting spaces that reflect their individual characters, and loves that her work connects her with a variety of people with as many different tastes. From classic to contemporary, and everything in between, Stacey has the talent to create the look you love to live in.